Our Incredible Support Staff


Like any great team, our strength lies in our ability to work in perfect harmony with each other and our patients to provide the most incredible healthcare experience at each and every visit. Both our front and back office staff are highly trained and skilled in their respective job responsibilites which keeps us running like a well oiled machine, ultimately ensuring efficient and positive experiences for all. In addition to their high level of skill, they each bring an energy to the clinic that makes each day here simply wonderful. When they're not in the office you can find them out enjoying a wide variety of activities in the Beaverton and Portland area including running, mountain biking, hiking & Crossfit.

Jodi Stonaker - Operations Manager

Sasha deSilva - Lead Chiropractic Assistant  

Amy Elliott - Chiropractic Assistant

Kelly Ericksen - Certified Athletic Trainer/Chiropractic Assistant

Alex Rangel - Chiropractic Assistant