Manual Therapy & Exercise In Treating Chronic Low Back Pain

Manual therapy, including chiropractic spinal manipulation, has been shown in multiple high quality research studies to be an effective treatment for chronic low back and neck pain. It has also been largely accepted that the addition of specific corrective exercises to the overall therapy plan leads to better short and long term outcomes, a philosophy that Back In Motion practices every day. While we can all share countless anecdotal stories of better patient outcomes with manual therapy plus exercise, very little quality evidence exists supporting this strategy over manual therapy alone. Until now...

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Spinal Manipulation & Soccer Kicking Speed

Many studies exist showing the positive effects of spinal manipulation, including decreased pain, increased mobility, and overall improvement in quality of life. For more than a century, spinal manipulation - AKA the chiropractic adjustment - has bettered the lives of millions of people worldwide suffering from both acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. It has also been commonly accepted that manipulation improves overall biomechanics, making for better movement, and better performance in sports - as indicated by the ever increasing use of chiropractic by professional sports teams worldwide. However, there has been very little evidence of improved sports performance following spinal manipulation. 

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Does Sleeping More Decrease Injury Rates?

Nothing beats a great sleep - it's an essential human experience, and necessary for life. There are countless opinions and studies on why we sleep, how we sleep, how much sleep we need, etc., and we all know that getting regular, sound sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. We can all agree that getting ample sleep is necessary for health and wellness but what does the research say on how this translates into a healthier life?

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Strength Gains With Mental Imagery

As I sit in front the TV writing this, I am reminded of the countless infomercials claiming to get you ripped with little to no training or real effort on the part of the consumer. Pills to melt away unwanted pounds, belts to eliminate back pain, 2 minute workouts to get you shredded, et cetera, et cetera. While most of these programs will be unsuccessful for the majority of people (results not typical!), the marketing hype surrounding them is enough for us to give it a try - at least for a few days. Now what if I were to tell you that there is an empirically researched way for you to gain strength without having to lift a finger? Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, today is your luck day!

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