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Back In Motion - So Much More Than Traditional Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

When most people are asked to described the typical chiropractic experience, it consists of a relatively short office visit - usually less than 5 minutes - with the primary mode of therapy being spinal manipulation and possibly one or more modalities - electrical stimulation and ultrasound being the most popular. Likewise, the typical Physical Therapy experience consists of stretching and strengthening followed by some combination of the same passive modalities. There is certainly no doubting the incredible benefits of both types of therapy. However, there is one essential piece missing in each which has an undeniable positive benefit on both health outcomes and speed of recovery: soft-tissue therapy. 

Soft-tissue therapy, a central therapy at Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab, consists of therapies delivered with the hands and instruments to break down scar tissue and release trigger points and soft-tissue adhesions throughout the body. Back In Motion chiropractors utilize both Active Release Technique and Graston instrument assisted technique, recognized throughout the sports medicine community, to help give our patients the best chance of a fast and complete recovery. In most cases, the removal of scar tissue and adhesions is the first step necessary for rehabilitation, followed by manipulation to restore proper joint function and exercise/stretching to promote long-lasting functionally powerful movement patterns and postural stability. 

So why don't all chiropractors utilize these beneficial therapies? It comes down to training and time. Most chiropractors know about the benefits of soft-tissue therapy and have received some level of training while in school, but unfortunately most abandon this technique in favor of fitting a greater number of patient visits into each day, convincing both themselves and their patients that their healthcare needs can be met with a 1-2 minutes visit! Additionally, the hours necessary for proper training in these techniques can represent hundreds of hours. That is why it is so important as a healthcare consumer to seek out chiropractic physicians with active certifications in these techniques. In fact, only a select group of providers in the Beaverton and Portland area hold these certifications, including the entire Back In Motion chiropractic sports medicine team! 

Our mission at Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab is to provide the best and most complete care to the active members of the Beaverton and Portland community. We feel that this is not achievable in a fast-food style clinic featuring 1 minute appointments, massage chair "soft-tissue therapy" and fancy pseudo-scientific spinal scanners showing the impending doom of your back and neck. I think we all know by now that there are no shortcuts to heath - it's the time spent with our patients and the hands on experience that help us achieve the very best outcomes for our patients. Experience the Back In Motion difference for yourself!


Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab - Serving The Beaverton & Portland Area For Over 25 Years  - "Moving Toward Your Finish Line"




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