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Kettlebell Squat Progressions

Dr. Meisenhelder of Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab in Beaverton, Oregon demonstrates a few kettlebell squat variations today. It should be pointed out that the single-leg squat depth should be a tad bit lower - I'll blame it on lack of warm-up and the dress pants:))

We absolutely love kettlebell squats for training and rehab. For "functional" training - a term that is thrown around way too much these days - it's pretty spot on. Whether lifting boxes or a child, holding a weight in front of you and performing a squat is an essential movement pattern - one that should be mastered to avoid low back injury. In this video, I begin with the goblet squat variation, progressing to the single arm version, and lastly the single leg, single arm version. As with all squats, take care to perform the movement slowly, and to full depth, keeping the back in a neutral position (no excessive rounding), and the chest up. If you are struggling with your back bar squats, the goblet squat is a great way to train for a better movement. Check in with us if you have any questions on this one. Happy training!

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