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Kinesio Tape For Pregnancy

Pregnancy, particularly the later stages, puts significant stress on the body, with back pain being a common complaint. The video below demonstrates a wonderful kinesio tape (KT Tape/RockTape) application that provides support to the growing abdomen, taking stress off the back and helping to manage pain. 

Back pain is extremely common in today's society and is even more prevalent during pregnancy. Multiple factors contribute to this including rapid changes in body weight distribution, pelvic angle, and posture. Studies show that 50-80% of pregnant women report back pain, with on third of women stating that it is a significant problem. Stapleton, et al., found that 61.8% of women who reported low back pain during pregnancy rated their pain moderately severe, and 9% reported being completely disabled by the pain. Not surprisingly, women with a history of low back pain before pregnancy have a higher likelihood of developing more severe low back pain during pregnancy, demonstrating the importance of training the core and back as one begins planning for pregnancy. Following is a list of factors that will increase the risk of low back pain during pregnancy:

  • History of low back pain
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Physically demanding job of lifestyle
  • Increased body mass index (BMI)
  • Younger age
  • Multiple parity (more pregnancies)

Unfortunately, most women consider low back pain an inevitable part of pregnancy and will not seek treatment. For those who seek treatment, more conservative approaches typically have the best results. These include chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Effective treatments include soft-tissue therapy, joint manipulation, and therapeutic exercise. Additionally, pelvic support has been shown to be effective. Traditionally, this would be in the form of a pelvic girdle belt. However, recent advances in therapeutic taping techniques have given us another option. Providing support with kinesio tape, KT Tape, or RockTape allows for completely customizable applications to be applied directly to the skin, providing both traditional support and proprioceptive postural cuing. Additionally, taping applications eliminate some of the potential risks of a more traditional back or pelvic brace, most notably increased blood pressure. 

So, if you are currently pregnant and experiencing low back pain, consider therapeutic taping as an option for managing your symptoms in addition to manual therapy (massage and manipulation). Check with our incredible staff if you have any questions on how this technique can help you.

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