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Posture Correction Series - Part 2: Stability

 In Part 1 of the Posture Correction Series, I demonstrated various mobility drills for the thoracic spine. Today, we discuss exercises to help stabilize that new found range of motion. These are fairly common exercises in our Beaverton clinic, and will form the foundation for developing a strong back.




1. Prone T's and Y's: Lying face down and keeping your elbows straight, squeeze the shoulder blades together. Vary the position of your arms to the body either makes a "T" or a "Y". This exercise is designed to strengthen the shoulder blades.

2. Stability ball version of prone T's and Y's: This variation provides a dynamic challenge which will recruit more stabilizing muscles to balance your body on the ball.

3. Scapular Push-Up: Similar to the prone exercises above, but with a greater load to improve strength. Focus on keeping the elbows fully locked for this one. 

4. Single arm kettlebell rows: You can really add weight for this exercise, but make sure you maintain good spinal posture throughout the movement. 


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