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The Short Foot Exercise - The Plantar Fasciitis Fix

For today's blog, Beaverton chiropractor, Dr. Adam Meisenhelder discusses foot pain and the short foot exercise.

For active runners, foot pain is an all too often partner on the road and trail.  Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain and metatarsalgia are a few of the problems one can experience as a result of faulty foot and lower-leg mechanics.

The causes of these injuries are complicated, and include both biomechanical dysfunction and tissue overload.  Current thinking on the mechanism of plantar fasciitis is that the intrinsic foot muscles do a poor job of controlling forces going through the foot. If the stresses of running and walking aren’t distributed efficiently, we over stress the plantar fascia, triggering injury in the form of torn tissue, and pain. We then need to find a way to unload the stressed tissues. so, if weak or inhibited foot muscles are part of the problem then how do we correct this?


Among many strategies to address foot pain is an exercise known as the short-foot exercise - a favorite of our Beaverton chiropractors. As the name implies, this exercise has you using the intrinsic foot muscles to shorten the foot by pulling ball of the foot toward the heel, which shortens the length of the foot.

The short-foot or foot dome exercise.

The short-foot exercise.

More than anything this is a brain exercise. Chances are that when you first try this exercise you won’t do it very well. Don’t give up! This is a new skill and it takes focused attention and time to develop proficiency. Keep at it. It likely won’t take you very long to figure it out. 

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