Spice Up Your Life To Reduce Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps have trouble both the professional and weekend warrior athlete for presumably thousands of years. Although no evidence exists to support this, I'm sure the first athletic competitions between human beings ended with someone pulling up lame from a hamstring or calf cramp. Yet for how common they are, relatively little is understood concerning the underlying cause or cure.

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Predictors Of Chronic Ankle Instability

Inversion ankle sprains are one of the most common soft-tissue injuries experienced by athletes of all levels. Much has been researched and professed about the importance of early treatment and rehabilitation to get the athlete back in action as quickly as possible. However, early treatment is not enough to prevent the condition of ankle instability from becoming chronic and affecting the person for years down the road. At Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab in Beaverton, Oregon, we strive to not only provide the most effective acute therapies for soft-tissue injuries, but to also look beyond the short-term in an effort to prevent future injury.

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New Guidelines For The Management Of Neck Pain And Associated Disorders

Clinical guidelines for the management of neck pain and associated disorders were recently released by the Canadian Research chair in Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation. While the guidelines are not specific to chiropractic, the evidence-based chiropractor will do well to review the guidelines provided and implement them into practice. It's encouraging to see continued evidence of the superior effectiveness of combining manipulation and therapeutic exercise for best outcomes. Manipulation, soft-tissue therapy, and therapeutic exercise are the hallmarks of Back In Motion Chiropractic & Sports Rehab. We pride ourselves on remaining evidence-based in the application of our care and stepping above traditional manipulation-only chiropractic or exercise only physical therapy. See the full list of recommendations from the research chair below. 

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New Study Shows High Prevalence of Daily Multi-Site Pain In Adolescents

The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in the adult population is well documented, along with the billions of dollars per years in healthcare costs and lost time at work associated with these conditions. The chiropractors and sports medicine team at Back In Motion in Beaverton are intimately aware of this fact, and have devoted our careers to helping this population recover from injury and pursue an active lifestyle. But what of our younger population?

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